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Malkit Singh

Malkit Singh is credited as being one of the pioneers who brought Punjabi folk out from the fields and onto the world stage. From its humble Punjabi origins, Malkit has used Bhangra in cross-cultural experiments ranging from rap and house to Bollywood claiming the highest respect amongst Bhangra aficionados..
Known for songs such as “Jind Mahi,” he sold more than five million albums during his multi-decade career and was, as of 2014, the most popular Bhangra solo artist of all time.
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Raghav Mathur

Raghav, an Indian experimental pop/rock/hindustani music producer, singer and rapper who rose to prominence as a part of 3 membered boyband Teesri Duniya. Formerly known as ‘Kuns’, he has a cult fan following amongst the underground listeners in India. Every project that he has put out has been praised equally by the critics and general population. He is best known for his sample chops and as someone having a vision to make great and cohesive projects.
His recent album Satya Sakshaat has been deemed as one of the best albums ever made in India which sees him fiddling pop and rock tunes with Hindustani and Bollywood music.

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RDB (an acronym for Rhythm, Dhol, Bass) is a band initially formed by three British Sikh brothers in 1997, whose style blends western genres with traditional Punjabi beats and vocals. The group is now led by its sole remaining founder SurjRDB (Surjeet Singh) along with a team of singers, performers and composers.
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Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma (born 29 August 1980) is an Indian film playback singer as well a devotional singer. In 2006, she sang Bollywood’s longest track, the bidaaisong, in film Baabul (2006).

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Sukhbir Singh

Sukhbir Singh (born 9 November 1969) is a Bhangra singer. He is often referred to as the “Prince of Bhangra”. His Bhangra music varied from fusion to pure Punjabi at times.
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