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Annie Khalid

Annie Khalid or just Annie (or real name Noor al Ain Khalid) (born 1987) is a British-Pakistani music star and diva. She started her career in 2006. She sings songs in Urdu, Punjabi and English languages.Book Annie Khalid.

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Sahara Uk Concert charges

Sahara UK

Sahara are a modern day music phenomenon who are a mainstay of wedding and events in South Asia with their distinctive blend of addictive melodies, catchy lyrics and production values, and a parade of hit songs! Formed by Harvinder, who is universally known as Herbie Sahara and the lead singer of the group, Herbie was born in the UK and started singing along to Hindi film tracks when he was only three years old. As he grew older, his graduated to singing at his local Sikh temple and through these experiences his passion his wish to be a professional singer grew stronger.

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