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Farhan Saeed is an artist of Pakistani youthful age. He is exceptionally renowned due to his excellent voice. He is an extremely good looking and youthful vocalist. Farhan Saeed got well known when ‘Jal’ the band contracted him as a lead vocalist. If you are searching for Farhan Saeed biodata, profile, wedding, family, photographs then you can discover them here.
Farhan was the lead vocalist of Jal the Band. The band reached its peak in early 2000’s and was a very successful one but due to some reasons, Farhan left Jal. Gohar Mumtaz, a very popular Pakistani Singer was also part of Jal The Band.
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Farhan Saeed (born 14 September 1984) is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, actor, director and entrepreneur. Farhan was the former lead vocalist of the Pakistani band Jal, and is the owner of the restaurant Cafe Rock in Lahore. He has sung in Urdu as well as in Punjabi. Since 2014 he also turned to acting, and gained recognition for his support role in Hum TV’s 2016 drama Udaari and for his leading role in Hum TV’s 2018 production Suno Chanda. Book Farhan Saeed.

Jal the band

Farhan Saeed joined the Lahore-based pop rock band Jal in 2003, replacing their vocalist Atif Aslam, who quit because of “musical differences” with the band’s founding member, Goher Mumtaz.

He was selected to Jal after Atif Aslam parted courses with the band toward the completion of 2003. Farhan started his singing business by being a bit of the band Jal. He was the lead vocalist of the band. In 2011 when he revealed that he had left Jal, his fans were in shock. He started his execution calling from here on. Farhan sang the tune Naam-e-Wafa for Vikram Bhatt’s film Creature 3D out of 2014 which was a tremendous hit. Disregarding the way that he had sung distinctive tunes for Bollywood films additionally, however, this was an essential breakthrough in his calling in Bollywood.

Acting career

Farhan started his acting career by debuting in a leading role in the 2014 Hum TV drama serial De Ijazat Jo Tu alongside Sohai Ali Abro, Saba Hameed and Javaid Sheikh. He then played the lead role as Mohid Shuja in ARY Digital’s Mere Ajnabi alongside Urwa Hocane who was the female lead.He has also played a lead role of Arsh in the drama Udaari as a lawyer along with female lead Urwa. Apart from acting in the drama, Farhan has also collaborated with Hadiqa Kiani for the OST that has topped music charts all over Pakistan.[8]

Always in 2016, he also played the lead role again in ARY Digital’s Teri Chah Mein, alongside Maria Wasti and Saboor Ali, and Hum TV’s Sila alongside Ainy Jaffri.

In 2018 he grabbed the leading role of Arsal Jamshed Ali (Arsal) in Hum TV’s hit drama serial Suno Chanda, with Iqra Aziz as the leading female role, and due to the critical success of the show, a season 2 was immediately announced by the producers.

He had the leading role in Karachi Se Lahore 3 with Kubra Khan as co-star, the third installment of Wajahat Rauf’s successful series including the box-office hits Karachi Se Lahore and Lahore Se Aagey, and which would have been his feature film debut, but he had to quit the project because of music tours and concerts he was already committed to.

In early 2019 it was announced that he’ll get his first lead role in a movie in Tich Button, a rom-com co-produced by his wife Urwa Hocane under their joint new production company Shooting Star Studio.

Khuwahishon – 2011
Pi Jaun – 2012
Halka Suroor – 2013
Roiyaan – 2014
Sajna – 2015
Sathya – 2016
Pi Jaun – 2016

Bollywood Songs
Meethi Yadein – 2012
Kyun Gayi – 2012
Naam-e-Wafa – 2014
Bhool Na Jaana – 2014
Thodi Der – 2017

Suno Chanda – 2018
De Ijazat Jo Tu – 2014
Minor Ajnabi – 2015
Udaari – 2016
Teri Chah Mein – 2016
Sila – 2016



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