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Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer-songwriter and an actor. Atif Aslam was born in Wazirabad, Pakistan, into a Muslim family, on the 12th of March, 1983. Atif Aslam ventured into Hollywood in 2005 when three tracks from his debut album, namely Aadat, Ehsaas and Yakeen, were included in the soundtrack of an independent Hollywood movie, “Man Push Cart”. The venture went on to win 8 international awards as well as 7 nominations
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Always a fan of cricket, Atif aspired to be a fast bowler and represent his country via this platform. His immense passion and skills in the field led him to being selected in the U-19 Cricket Team of Pakistan’s trials, and he began training to represent his country at the U-19 World Cup.It was during his bachelors program in PICS that Atif developed an interest in music. Backed up and spurred on by his friends, Atif began singing in his college and soon started performing publicly too. At PICS, Atif met the composer and guitarist, Goher Mumtaz. This led to the pair performing in their college and various restaurants. As they garnered fame, the duo felt the need to come up with a band name and after much consideration, “Jal” meaning ‘water’ came into existence. With his pocket money, Atif recorded his debut song, “Aadat” which went viral in a very short period of time and Jal became a household name. Aadat became the youth anthem and Atif earned unparalleled popularity instantly. With the unprecedented success of Aadat, Jal went on a tour together. Personal issues began arising between Atif and Goher during this tour and the band split up, with Atif launching into a solo career. You can Book Atif Aslam through Em Company. Atif aslam is the best when it comes to the concerts. Contact atif Aslam to make your event worth while.


Coke Studio

Atif Aslam has become an inseparable name when it comes to Coke Studio. Ever since Season 2 of this much appreciated and followed music show, audience has been in love with Atif’s performances.  Atif’s noteworthy rendition of the famous Sabri brothers’ Qawali, Tajdar-E-Haram, in CS Episode 8, garnered one million plus views in less than two days, making the performance most esteemed one of all seasons!It’s how his CS songs captivate one’s full attention and the person is able to relate to those heart wrenching or uplifting lyrics, that compel the audience to glue to their television screens on the broadcast of each episode where Atif has to deliver his famous, impassioned performances – the way only he can!



As soon as the hype of Atif’s debut album crossed the borders, Mahesh Bhatt, a prominent musician and director, exhibited his desire to work with this new prodigy and Atif decided to take his work global. This mutual collaboration resulted in the song, “Who Lamhey”, a reprise version of a similar song from Atif’s debut album. This paved the road for Atif’s immensely successful entry into Bollywood. Soon every other music producer and director wanted Atif to lend them his vocals, and the star was showered with numerous momentous awards, becoming a household name.

Some of his chart busters in Bollywood include, “Pehli Nazar Mein”, “Tera Hone Laga Hun”, “Jeene Laga Hoon”, “Be Inteha” and “Tu Chahiye” to name a few. Till date, Atif Aslam is among the most in-demand singers of Bollywood, with many influential celebrities having expressed their wish to have Atif sing for them.



Atif Aslam ventured into Hollywood in 2005 when three tracks from his debut album, namely Aadat, Ehsaas and Yakeen, were included in the soundtrack of an independent Hollywood movie, “Man Push Cart”. The venture went on to win 8 international awards as well as 7 nominations. He also sang two chart busters, “Mori ArajSuno” and “Bol Ke Lab” for the highly acclaimed movie, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”. The great musical maestro, Peter Garbriel, also commented: “Atif Aslam, who is actually a wonderful singer and has got the finest falsettos I’ve heard since Jeff Buckley.”



In 2011, Atif stepped into the field of acting, after much consideration regarding the various acting proposals he was offered. The movie “Bol” directed by the reputable Pakistani producer, Shoaib Mansoor, was an eye-opening effort to awaken the general public to many grave, but unfortunately neglected issues. Since he has always stood at the front line for his country, the singer wanted to use his mass fan following to increase the awareness for these crucial issues and turn youngsters into active members of the society. His songs, “Hona Tha Pyaar” and “Kaho – Aaj Bol Do” received overwhelming response from the audience, adding to the overall success of the movie. Bol was a massive hit and till date, is recognized as “one of the finest productions of Pakistani Film Industry”. Atif displayed his acting skills smoothly, and as commented upon by the director himself, “Atif was the little smile in Bol to attract audience”. Atif also lent his strong vocals to the musical production, Ho Mann Jahan, in an inspirational song which tugs at one’s heart strings with its emotional lyrics and melodious tunes. What makes the song a sure winner, however, is how Atif channels his emotions into the song, leaving the listener hooked and craving for more; evident by the staggering and encouraging response it received shortly after its release.All of this acting makes him and amaing actor and a performer. so why waste time? Book Atif Aslam now.



Including those from his three chart topping albums, Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, Coke Studio, and occasional singles, Aslam has recorded, to date, above 116 songs.


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