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Nouman Khalid, Singers is famous for Singing, Qatari celebrity.Born on 23 April, 1981. He was born on 23rd of April, 1981 in Doha,Qatar . Nouman Khalid, famous for his ‘Desi Thumka’, debuted in the music industry with his album, ‘Tanhai’. He has performed almost with all big names is the music industry.

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Nouman Khalid.. He was born on 23rd of April, 1981 in Doha,Qatar . The time passed & In the age of just 11 he realized that he has this talent of becoming a vocalist.. So he started working hard to make his vocals mature at the same time he was also performing in live shows on different plat forms.. His inspiration was Vital Signs & till this day he admires this band a lot…Book nouman khalid for concert. His famous song Desi Thumka will blow your mind.

Nouman Khalid got into the music industry professionally after he completed his bachelors degree in (IT) back in 2002 & started recording his own composition & lyrics with DJ Ali Mustafa from Islamabad, Nouman Khalid’s home town.. After a year of recording Nouman Khalid realized that he still needs to work on his vocals & for that reason he will have to learn classical music so he started practicing with his Ustad, Shafi Mohammad from Islamabad…

After a year of training Nouman Khalid again jumped into this field making it his career, with much more passion, big dreams & A better aim in his mind.. He again started recording with DJ Ali Mustafa in 2004 & side by side he was running his own Event Management Company.. Nouman Khalid has performed almost with all the big names in Pakistani music industry like Strings, Atif, Ali Zafar etc…

He seriously started concentrating on his audio album in August 2006 when he got some encouragement & attention from (GEO) Record label company FIRE RECORDS, Karachi.. Finally, due to his hard work, efforts & lots of prayers behind him he made his mark by becoming the 1st & the only male artist from Islamabad being signed by FIRE RECORDS in JAN 2007..

He is dedicating his album to his Mother & He named it TANHAI because he lost his Mother last year in Aug 2007.. But He is still very much hopeful & his great believe in Himself, in his Mother’s prayer & All Mighty God has taken him ahead in life & he has launched 2 of his music videos YAAD & KYUN KHO GYA on GEO & various channels.. With a set of 11 tracks in his 1st Solo Debut Audio Album TANHAI which is being released on 8th of FEB 2008..

Nouman Khalid is going to rock not only the Pakistani music industry but will make his country proud of him in front of the entire music world.. Dear friends & fans Nouman Khalid is looking forward for your great support & encouragement as you are the 1 on whom he is depending on & only you guys can make sure that NOUMAN KHALID stays here & rule your hearts. InshAllah..


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