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Naseebo Lal is the contemporary answer to Melody Queen Noor Jehan [late]. She is considered as one of the best female Punjabi singers across the globe. She is a famous Punjabi singer from Pakistan, who is also very popular in India. She has become a household name, appealing to a fresh music loving audience around the world.
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Naseebo lal was born in 1970, she is 48 years old. Naseebo Lal is a Pakistani Punjabi singer who is known for her songs in Pakistan and India. Naseebo has sung for many Bollywood movies and is known for her brilliant voice. Book Naseebo Laal.

Her voice is close to Noor jehan, Naseebo Lal emerged as a star from her early performances. Her earthy and soulful voice was an instant hit throughout the country, especially in the Punjab. After the exit of Madame Noor Jehan from the film industry, Naseebo was greeted as a long-awaited monsoon by Lollywood’s producers and directors.

She have collaborate with many Pakistani young singers like “Sarmad qadeer” , Aryan khan and much more.

Naseebo have sang many songs for bollywood also. Naseeno is famous because of her sad songs like ” Kise day nal pyar na kri” , “Dil tan pagal hai ” , tenu shok bara si vichran da”, “Yaadan teriyan”, “Pardesi nal pyar na pana” and much more soulful songs.


In a career spanning over thirteen years, Naseebo Lal has recorded over 1500 songs. Apart from Punjabi, Naseebo Lal sings in Marwari [Rajasthani], Urdu and Pashto.
Often compared with the late Noor Jehan, Lal is renowned for the beautiful ‘Sur’ [tone] that flows in her voice.  She has sung many of Noor Jehan’s classical songs such as ‘Jadon Holi Jai Lenda Mera’ and ‘Anda Tere Layee Reshmi Rumal.’ These tracks have also been remixed by British music producers.
Naseebo Lal was born into a nomadic family, who were originally from Rajasthan, India. The gypsy sounding tribe migrated to Pakistan soon after the partition of India. Naseebo Lal, who always wanted to sing from an early age, spent her childhood singing at weddings and family gatherings.


Growing up, Lal was frequently singing songs of Madam Noor Jehan, but never did she think of appearing on stage or television, especially as it was against her family’s tradition. As she gained popularity, the family gradually supported her to take up singing as a profession.
Some of her popular songs include: ‘Meri Phullan Wali Kurti’, ‘Ronde Ne Nain Nimare’, ‘Sache Kabhe Moun Marde’, ‘Naseeb Saade Likhe Rabb Ne Kachi Pencil Nal’, ‘Sanu Maar Gai Sajna’, ‘Beh Ke Dehliz Wich’, ‘Dholna Dhona’, ‘Dil Tod Ke Mera Na Jawe’, ‘Photo Rakh Ke Sarhane’, ‘Jido Piche Maan Di Duwa’ and ‘Mahi Wah Jon Kon Mere’.


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