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Shazia Manzoor is a Pakistani Singer. Shazia Manzoor is a very popular playback singer in the film industry in Pakistan.She got lot of success is very short period. She have very sweet voice.
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Shazia Manzoor is the singing sensation who has captivated the hearts and minds of the whole nation with her lush and vibrant voice. Shazia’s entry into the musical limelight came just six yars ago. She first claimed the spotlight with ‘Chan Mere Makhna’ and it’s success saw Sahzia’s delicious and soothing voice mesmerize our lives with a warm glow. Her Punjabi Songs are also very Popular in Punjabi cinema. Book Shazia Mazoor for wedding and enjoy the punjabi music.

Shazia Manzoor is a Pakistani singer from Rawalpindi who now resides in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is a popular singer in Pakistan and India; and among the Punjabi diaspora. Shazia Manzoor sings mostly Punjabi music. She sang various Punjabi folk songs and Punjabi Sufi poems, and also sings Urdu songs as well. She is popular for her songs like Aaja Soniya, Mahi AavegaMaye Ni Kinnu AkhanChann Mere Makhana and Dhol Mahia, etc. She has also performed at some charity concerts. Shazia was introduced in 1992 by Umar Shareef as she stated in her interview during Noor Jehan tribute with Zille Huma.

She has sung various Punjabi folk songs and Punjabi Sufi poems and also sings Urdu songs as well. She is popular for her songs like Aaja Soniya, Mahi Aavega, Maye Ni Kinnu Akhan, Chann Mere Makkhna and Dhol Mahia, etc.

Songs of Shazia Manzoor

This is a listing of all of Shazia Manzoor’s Punjabi songs. Some of these songs are based on the Sufi kalam of the mystic saints of Punjab (like Bulleh Shah, Shah Hussain, Sultan Bahu, and Khwaja Ghulam farid) while others are based on folk lyrics. Here you will find almost all the mp3 songs of Shazia Manzoor. All the songs are downloadable, you can listen to them online or download mp3 for listening later on your computer, mobile phone, or music player.



Selected albums

  • Raatan Kaaliyan (June 1998)
  • Aarfana Kalaam (August 1999)
  • Chan mere Makhna (December 2001)
  • Hai Dil Jani (September 2003)
  • Ishq Sohna (August 2009)
  • Tu Badal Gaya (March 2010)
  • Jatt London (February 2011)
  • Balle Balle (May 2011)
  • Sahib teri bandi haan (February 2012)
  • Dhokebaaz (Chip Shop) (November 2012)
  • Aish Karo (April 2015)
  • ’’Akh Da Nasha’’ (August 2018)

Her performance in Coke Studio Season 8, Episode 6 has received critical acclaim for the Awadhi wedding song “Hare Hare Bans” along with Ustad Rizwan and Ustad Muazzam.

Duo collaboration

  • 1999: Dark And Dangerous (With Bally Jagpal)
  • 2001: Untruly Yours (With Bally Jagpal)
  • 2001: Vix It Up (With DJ Vix)
  • 2002: Dark And Direct (With Bally Jagpal)
  • 2005: Groundshaker (With Aman Hayer)
  • 2009: Collaborations 2 (With Sukshinder Shinda)
  • 2014: 12B (With Bally Jagpal)
  • 2014: Collaborations 3 (With Sukshinder
  • 2018: Akh Da Nasha ( Zakir Amanat)

Playback singer for films

Shazia Manzoor has also done film playback singing for many films including film Ishq Khuda (2013). Her singing in this commercially successful film was widely praised by the public.


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